Saturday, January 13, 2007

This is SWIRLY. All he wants is a friend, but no one seems willing to be his chum. It's quite perplexing, he's not that big, at only a one foot tall he can't be that threatening. He has no claws, he barely has any fingers. He has no fur, so there's nothing to be allergic to. He has no feet, so you could out run him, but there is not much point in doing that when you can pick him up and put him in a box on a shelf, its really quite sad. He watches over you at night, but not in a evil way, that is his job. To protect you and your dreams and in my opinion he does darn good job, with no feet, no thumbs and only being one foot tall, it's got to be hard to do that job. So won't you be his friend.

Hope you guys like the drawing.

Your robotic friend, tacbot89

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