Saturday, June 24, 2006

Say Hello to
Mawgtu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The squid dino demon thingy. I did him with my "Sharpie Magnom Permanent Marker" for the outlines, the skin is soft pumpkin, the spots were done
with an old gray art kit marker,
The teeth are forest green, the eyes are done with a ball point pen and a "a blue pilot pen". And, Oh, did I mention he's looking for female companionship.
He enjoys long walks on the beach, poetry and snuggling by the fire. He's a really good at snuggling.

Hope you enjoy him, especially the ladies "wink-wink".

your robotic friend tacbot89

Thursday, June 08, 2006

In the future they have caged gladiator style battles with Zombies. In the aftermath of the 500 year long Zombie plague Humanity has finally rounded up most of the Zombies in the cittes and used them in basic manual labor and entertainment. In Zombie Melee they equip them with weapons, like this one has a "gel shocker revolver" a gun that shoots sticky bullets that sticks to its target and shocks it in to submission. When ever a zombie loses a part, they shove a prosthetic limb in the stump, for some reason the zombie tissue attaches it self almost automaticaly with little or no surgery, and the masks keeps the zombie from biting people.

Hope you like it. Your robotic friend, tacbot89