Sunday, March 23, 2008

Oh Snap!
And their ZOMBIES!

In the magical land of sugar and rainbows
Rivers of fruit-punch and trees of gold coins
The home to the Wee people, unicorns and
guys who calls the girls the next morning…
There’s a rather upsetting problem.
Ya see, Dr. Meanny-Pants wanted to take control of the place from The kind, The fair and The honorable, Da-Da-Dum!
King Dark Chocolate The Fifth!
with aide from The Red Baron of Hot-Pockets,
financial support from Wealthy Willy
(Ritchie Rich’s little know evil cousin)
and a lots of spooning with The Bogyman.
Many plans were laid out…
but most of them sucked or were boring…
So we whittled it down to the three best and most likely
to completely fail and blowup in his face.
Number 3. Replace all the sugar in the land
with artificial sweeteners, the theory was it
would make all the people to tired to stop him
from conquering the land…
Remember those Emails from a friend of a friend of a friend?
Number 2.
10 story tell Laser mounted cyborg unicorns
…need I say more?
Yes I said Zombie Leprechauns…
Yes how can that ever fail.
End of part one.



Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm going to a goth wedding today
. . .

I'll post pics later yo.


edited: sorry it wasn't today :(