Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is a test to figure out how to make glowing eyes...
it came out OK...guess
the drawing was done with these cool flesh tone pencils for the background and character body, ballpoint pen for the eye outline, crayons for the eye color and glow...GO TO BED, IT'S 2:12 AM...ON A SCHOOL NIGHT EVEN...Good night, don't let bed bugs bite...there's a cup on the nightstand if thirsty.

your robotic friend, tacbot89

Friday, September 07, 2007


It was a normal Saturday as any…unless you count the fact Robbie lost his head earlier, I think is was 7:38 when he lost it…and we looked everywhere, under the couch, behind the fridge, in the basement, we search ever inch of the house even the roof…I guess well need buy him a new one,
“hey Bill get the car started.”
“oh, oh, I call shotgun.”
“Ted, can‘t we just lock Rover in the trunk?”
“we can’t lock rover the trunk”
“But he’s always howling to the radio, off key I might add and sticking he’s out of the window”
“well he is a genetically engineered humanoid Dog”
“ahhh, guys can pleas go already, I don‘t like walking around like headless Horse Man”
“sure thing, Robbie”
After a thirty minute drive we arrived at the local “ROBO MART”…real original yes, we walked to the gigantic super chain.
“hey bill, grab a cart”
“alright, alright, nag, nag, boss, boss, that’s all you do”
“here’s 55 cred’s Rover, go play in the 3.D arcade”
“YAAAAY Hyper-Space-Invaders, here I come”
“So Robbie, what style of head would you like”
“something simple, like a brushed-steel cylinder, similar to my old one, but Ted may I ask you something”
“Sure thing, Robbie’
“why is that every time we come to this store you give Rover 55 Creds and tell him to go to the arcade”
“well Robbie, it's cheaper to give him 55 and tell him to go rot his brain at the arcade, Than risk him breaking something expensive.”
. . . . .

your robotic friend, tacbot89

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Couldn’t think of anything good to write about, so I wrote some random thing down.

Hmmm, hmm, hmmm, dam, dam, deeee…what the hell is the name of that song, ahhh, nodded off for a second…AHHH NOT THE FLYING MONKEYS!!!…I’m very sorry for random out burst, maybe I need some water. Walk into the kitchen grab a glass, then notice something is out of place, go and pick it up…then suddenly from out of no where, NOOOO, HUNDREDS of COCKROACHES FROM HELL, AHHH, Need Weapons, start digging through the cupboard under the kitchen sink. Yes, Eat Liquid Death You Six Legged DEMONS!!!…ok, maybe I’m over reacting…but there was a lot of Cockroaches… all right all right maybe it was two or three, four or five, ten or ninety… can we change the subject please…oh look at the time it, ahhh…6:59 A.M What the HELL, why I’m still up, I should go to bed, sooo, good night and don’t let the flying monkeys and Cockroaches bite.

just thought I post a poem, since I haven't posted anything in awhile. so I hope you guys like the poem.

your robotic friend, tacbot89

Saturday, January 13, 2007

This is SWIRLY. All he wants is a friend, but no one seems willing to be his chum. It's quite perplexing, he's not that big, at only a one foot tall he can't be that threatening. He has no claws, he barely has any fingers. He has no fur, so there's nothing to be allergic to. He has no feet, so you could out run him, but there is not much point in doing that when you can pick him up and put him in a box on a shelf, its really quite sad. He watches over you at night, but not in a evil way, that is his job. To protect you and your dreams and in my opinion he does darn good job, with no feet, no thumbs and only being one foot tall, it's got to be hard to do that job. So won't you be his friend.

Hope you guys like the drawing.

Your robotic friend, tacbot89