Tuesday, December 20, 2005

First off did you ever call a radio station, (and I feel stupid), somehow dialed on ACCIDENT 911 and you know what, the police CAME TO MY HOUSE. but its ok,
all they had to do was look around for unregisterde firearms and illegal drugs. They woke up my grandma and my uncle ( who I DISPISE!!!!!!!). My mom was out housesitting.
and so i thought I'd tell you that.
p:s In the future if you dial 911 ,one of two things will happen. Either one of these kinds of Robots will come to your house, a Model T police droid or a Model M9 anti-assaudt tank robot .
If you need to know the difference . One looks like a bigblue box,, with a big round silver eye, a police badge. and a ling silver extendo-arm. The other looks like a crossbetween the skinless version of the terminator and the tochkoma tanks from "Ghost in the Shell".
by frens.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

You and me against the undead

By Tommy Coe

Run!!! Everybody!
All hell has broken loose and they’re here.
Zombies everywhere. Gather weapons!
Chainsaws, machetes , Shovels, hammers, axes, knives, 2+4s, records, anything.
Find shelter attics , basements, broom closets, abandoned cars,
Make Okay temporary shelter. For a better safe haven I would try,
Casinos, movie theaters, hotels,
better yet ”Bass Pro Shop “ or “Super Walmart”.

We have been here two months now, We can’t stay much longer.
Find some barbed wire, some lawmovers and chainsaws
Hot wire a Hummer and place sheet metal on the windows.
Mount the lawnmowers and chainsaws on the car.
Meet me at the Silver Bowl.
Its you and me against the undead world.
We attack at dawn!

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!!!! To all you robots, alienns, witchs, mad scientists, masked murderers, demons and devils, jack-o-lanterns, metal heads, black cats, hell hounds, skeletons, zombies, werewolves, mutants, demonic clownns, vampires. From youer android friend tacbot #1

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

i'm so sorry the picture of me looks mean !!!!!!!
This the first picture on my blog and it is my human form.
Yes. i admit i'm a robot well, technically I'm an android
and you might be thinking what is the difference between
a robot & an android. Well I'll tell you a robot you see is
designed to do tasks automaticly and look like anything from a box to a metal dog or a floating eye. An android on other hand, look exactly lke humans in every proportion but can't do that many tasks. They are so insanely expensive to build, so most of the androids you will see will be either owned by wealthy people or very profitable amusement parks and are mainly for show. While robots don't have to be proportionate so they can be made to suit any sort of task. If you need to know where I get this information I am from the future,
89 years to be exact .(to be continued.) sorry !!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

hi, welcome to "robot poet's room". come in make yourselves at home, we got coffee,
donuts, roastbeef sandwichs, chocolate cake, and fruit salad, veggie wrap and
i'm your host , a robotic artist with drawing , poem's , t-shirts, stuffed monsters
and makeing frinds is my business, i hope you enjoy my blog and many others
ones on this fine site.