Tuesday, December 20, 2005

First off did you ever call a radio station, (and I feel stupid), somehow dialed on ACCIDENT 911 and you know what, the police CAME TO MY HOUSE. but its ok,
all they had to do was look around for unregisterde firearms and illegal drugs. They woke up my grandma and my uncle ( who I DISPISE!!!!!!!). My mom was out housesitting.
and so i thought I'd tell you that.
p:s In the future if you dial 911 ,one of two things will happen. Either one of these kinds of Robots will come to your house, a Model T police droid or a Model M9 anti-assaudt tank robot .
If you need to know the difference . One looks like a bigblue box,, with a big round silver eye, a police badge. and a ling silver extendo-arm. The other looks like a crossbetween the skinless version of the terminator and the tochkoma tanks from "Ghost in the Shell".
by frens.

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