Sunday, November 06, 2005

You and me against the undead

By Tommy Coe

Run!!! Everybody!
All hell has broken loose and they’re here.
Zombies everywhere. Gather weapons!
Chainsaws, machetes , Shovels, hammers, axes, knives, 2+4s, records, anything.
Find shelter attics , basements, broom closets, abandoned cars,
Make Okay temporary shelter. For a better safe haven I would try,
Casinos, movie theaters, hotels,
better yet ”Bass Pro Shop “ or “Super Walmart”.

We have been here two months now, We can’t stay much longer.
Find some barbed wire, some lawmovers and chainsaws
Hot wire a Hummer and place sheet metal on the windows.
Mount the lawnmowers and chainsaws on the car.
Meet me at the Silver Bowl.
Its you and me against the undead world.
We attack at dawn!

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