Tuesday, December 12, 2006

When Peeps Attack

They were tired of being food.
They decided to take over the world,
As they intended all those years ago when they came to earth.
The streets were filled with Peeps.
Small alien warships flew through the skies.
And the Twinkies alliance joined in.
No matter what the humans did they could not destroy the Peeps and Twinkies
And then when all hope was lost.
A bell was heard.
Class was over for the Kindergartner's.
The Peeps and Twinkies were no match for their appetites.
The rebellion ended and the earth was saved from evil junk food once more.

Hay there, my Blog reading friends. how are you guys doing. Well here my is my signature poem "WHEN PEEP'S ATTACK."
One of the little fellas is sporting one his of species mighty weaponry, the name of which is "THE BONE CRUSHER 5000-X."
gas driven by the way.

I Hope you guys like the poem and drawing, have nice day.

Your robotic friend, tacbot89.

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