Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hey there guy's!. If you need to know, I haven't been kidnapped, I didn't feel like posting anything up until now. Say hello to my Friend...BERT!!. Poor Bert, he was forced to live in the basement by his mean bastard of granpappy!. After a long five of years sufferin, five years of no sunshine, of watching his poor mama get a beaten. So he finally broke out of the basement and bashed the scumbags head in with a axe, then calls the police to pick up his dear little mother (and I say little because she gave birthe to him at the age of 12). He ran away before the police arrived to take her to a safer place. Bert is not really normal, he actually a paranormal being that is born from acts of depravity. Such as murder, rape, molestations, and many other hideous things people seem to like do to others. They are an idea that was made for a webcomic I'm working on that will be called "The a Nihilist Gang." The working name for these guys is "The Hate Breed or". The second name is a anagram for "Daemon Childe Of Vengence."

Well I hope you guys like this drawing
and the future comic.

You robotic friend, tacbot89.

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