Friday, January 25, 2008

When Peeps Attack Part 2
The peep revenge!!!

A poem by Tommy Coe

In a cave on the dark side of the moon,
Battle plans are hatching,
This time they will succeed ,
Revenge for those lost so needlessly.
It has been 2 long years since the Peeps and Twinkies,
the everlasting junk foods,
have been exiled into the depths of outer space..
We will take a cue from Wonder Bread and come back as “Healthy Snacks”,
vitamin enriched and whole grain.
We will launch a new advertising Campaign.
“New improved , Whole grain and Vitamin enriched Twinkies”.
“Peeps now a good for you snack with vitamins and calcium”
“New secret recipes made on Earth”
As we speak they are making their way into the many snack machines in the schools and work places of our planet.
The store shelves are once again bursting with the many versions of the evil incarnations of new Peeps and Twinkie's.
As many Parents and teenagers alike fall for the new and “improved” advertising campaigns the evil foe infiltrates homes and pantries all over the world.
The secret of the evil “Peeps and Twinkie incursion” has made it to the vast network of the Teenage chat rooms and blogs.
At first they rejoice at the return of there favorite “Junk Foods”,
However a few remember that fateful day so long ago.
How can they stop them this time!!?? And do we want to?
Those were the questions text messaged all over the world.