Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sorry That Is The Last Head
By Tommy Coe

I work at the only robotics parts store in town.
Gears that whirl,
Lights that blink,
Bullet proof armor for battle bots,
Fast legs and tough wheels for racing robots,
And many, many heads.
But today is the busiest of all days,
For some strange reason all the robots need new skulls,
And as always there is that one head that gathers dust
Five minutes before closing, there is that one poor soul .
Who has to settle for the last head, no matter what it is.
Once a kid’s entertainment robot came in
And had to buy the most hideous clown head ever built.
And on this occasion the toughest warriorbot in town
Had to buy a fuzzy pink happy jelly bean robot bunny head.
The most annoying line of robot s ever built.
And do you know what,
The poor guy had to pay three hundred creds
For that privledge.
Doesn’t he realize we restock tomorrow
I just thought it was strange!!!

Just as in the last post, a drawing and a poem, both are going to be my chat-book

Hope you like them.

your robotic friend, tacbot89

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