Monday, September 25, 2006

Don’t! open the window!
A poem by Tommy Coe

And here I thought this was going to be a pleasant day.
Today was supposed to be my birthday, ya known a nice quiet dinner with friends and family, go to see a movie, have a cake with some candles on it, get some good gifts. You know great day.
And so why was it so bad!!? First we went to our favorite restaurant and it was closed, but that wasn’t what ruined the day. Then we go to the movie theater and no, they weren’t sold out. No one was there. So, finally we decided to pick up cake and just celebrate at home. Yes I’m getting to the point!!. We get to the cake store and guess what? There were people, but, they were all dead! All the cakes were ruined!
Oh yeah, did I mention that all the dead people were ZOMBIES!! We ran home!! Bad mistake. The whole house was wrecked! And poor Scruffy was killed. Scruffy was a good little dog. Too bad we didn’t have time to bury the little guy. We left town, drove for miles. Then we get run off the road by one of those giant Hummers.! We flailed through the woods. And now we are locked up in this little farm house, in the middle of the woods surrounded by ZOMBIES!! Things can’t get any worse Okay, but, you should never say that.
“Hey, I am going to open a window.”
“Bill, don’t open the window!!.”

Good evening bloggers, I hope you guys like the drawing and poem, the drawing is for the poem and both of them are going to be in a Chat-Book, YAAAAA!!!...Sorry.
The Chat-Book title will be "READING THE MIND OF A MONSTER", catchey title huh.
I'll make sure to post the cover next time

Hope you like it.

Your robotic friend, tacbot89

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