Friday, March 27, 2009

Nutty Bunny; Age 8ish “I think.”
Gender male.
Physical Description
Height 3”6’ lbs.
Weight it depends what happen that day
Eyes on the right side is a reverse eye with a white pupil on his lift side is a spiral
Fur his stomach and pads are purple, his fur is pink…
Puppy: “Is purple and pink a natural for hair?”
Cataline: “It might not be, but you get to remember who were talking about…”
Mac: “HEY, isn’t purple the proffered colors of fags?”

Mental and or physical ailments. He’s a hypochondriac, psychotic, schizophrenia, he has A.D.D. his mother took acid while she was pregnant,….and his ma and pa were brother and sister!!! And they to, are inbreed as hell.
Clothing depends on the occasion at the time.
School gear or General gear The Bottomless Bag-Pack of infinite Stuff and Things, an old military walkie-talkie, a LARGE assortment of costumes,
His Play List Shake Hands with Beef, My Name Is Mud, Pepper,
The Devil goes down to Georgia,
Favorite movies The Hills Have Eyes, A Mighty Wind,
Favorite Shows
Personality He might be a bite disturbed…But he’s still a rather nice guy,
His Story Nutty bunny is possible the most disturbed thing on the face of the earth. him and all his kin (all 667 of them) live in a little Run downed old shack near by the nuclear power plant. he was barn March 17, he was born at RidZacvile children’s hospital and tire salon.

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